framing services

Framing Service

Finding the right frame for your artwork can be a daunting experience for many people. We have years of experience in the framing sector, and are able to help clients choose an option that both enhances the artwork and complements the environment in which it will be hung.

We take every measure to ensure the longevity of your artwork, using conservation methods such as such as acid-free backing and hand-lacing of delicate or cloth items. Whether you are looking to frame a painting, diploma, piece of memorabilia or a small sculpture, we will find the perfect solution that conserves and protects your object. Come and see us for a no-obligation quote.


conservation servicesConservation

We offer a  restoration service for oils and paper works. This is a highly specialised area and work is carried out by professional conservators.

Dust, grime and the natural aging process, absorption of varnish, are indicators that a painting may need cleaning. In extreme cases the work will require restoration, for example if the paint is lifting and cracking. Paper works too need attention, due to foxing caused by being framed with inferior materials, humidity and the effect of light.

You should check your paintings regularly for any of the above signs of deterioration, also check the back of paintings to ensure that the tape is in tack and still sealing the back to prevent dust and bugs migrating into the frame.


Appraisals and Consultancy

We happily work along side decorators and corporate clients in sourcing the right works for the space.