Russell Hollings – Artist Biography and Artworks Available to Buy

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Russell Hollings, Elletts Farm-Ihumatao (2015)Russell Hollings, Cloud and Cliff - Arkles Bay (2013)Russell Hollings, A Dalmation at Wiri (2014)Russell Hollings, Half a Lemon (2014)Russell Hollings, Pink Rose (2014)Russell Hollings, Red and Pink roses (2014)Russell Hollings, Still Life with Bottles (2014)Russell Hollings, Studio Bottles (2014)Russell Hollings, Tabletop Tuscany (2014)Russell Hollings, Thames Coast (2014)Russell Hollings, The Blackbirds Nest (2014)Russell Hollings, The Brown Teapot (2014)Russell Hollings, The Ebb Tide Ihumato (2011)Russell Hollings, The Green Bottle (2014)Russell Hollings, Three Onions (2014)Russell Hollings, Two Bosc Pears (2014)Russell Hollings, Judges Bay (2013)Russell Hollings, The Manukau at Ihumatao (2013)Russell Hollings, North Head and Rangitoto (2013)Russell Hollings, The Green Building (2013)Russell Hollings, The White Heron at Dusk (2013)Russell Hollings (2013)Russell Hollings, Huia (2013)Russell Hollings, Mangroves Hobson Bay (2013)Russell Hollings, Fountains - Auckland Domain (2013)Russell Hollings, August sky at Hobson Bay (2013)Russell Hollings, Old Farm Building - Ihumatao (2013)Russell Hollings, Autumn at Western Springs (2013)Russell Hollings, Beach Gums - Ruakawakawa (2013)Russell Hollings, Meola Creek Westmere (2013)Russell Hollings, July Morning - Ihumatao (2013)Russell Hollings, The Brown Coffee Pot (2014)Russell Hollings, Dusk on the Manukau (2013)Russell Hollings, Pippi CollectingRussell Hollings, Cut Pumpkins Still LifeRussell Hollings, KeteRussell Hollings, The English Teapot (1998/99)Russell Hollings, Purple HydrangeasRussell Hollings, Studio Begonias VIIRussell Hollings, Tuscan LandscapeRussell Hollings, Ihumato (2007)Russell Hollings, Intertwine (2012)Russell Hollings, Free Range (2012)Russell Hollings, Ink Bottles (2012)Russell Hollings, Lemon lime and water (2012)Russell Hollings, Ponsonby Mushrooms (2012)Russell Hollings, Ponsonby Nest (2012)Russell Hollings, Rust (2012)Russell Hollings, Sale Street Nest (2012)Russell Hollings, Straw and Calico (2012)Russell Hollings, The Black Bottle (2012)Russell Hollings, The Broken Egg (2012)Russell Hollings, The Paper Bag (2012)Russell Hollings, The Weekend News (2012)Russell Hollings, Two Nests (2012)Russell Hollings, Sheepskull (2012)Russell Hollings, RapidsRussell Hollings, Auric (2011/12)Russell Hollings, Persimmons and a Plum (1991)Russell Hollings, Bowentown Still LifeRussell Hollings, Two Funnels (2012)Russell Hollings, The MushroomsRussell Hollings, Rust - Tools (1999)Russell Hollings, Albert ParkRussell Hollings, Da Vellas BootsRussell Hollings, Trees


Born in 1948, Russell Hollings grew up in Auckland. Largely a self-taught artist, Hollings was given invaluable guidance both from Ida Eise OBE and renowned English painter Edward Seago – with whom he stayed in close personal correspondence with until Seago’s death in 1974. Joining a local Papakura Art Group gave Russell the motivation needed to pursue an artistic career. From the late 1960s he began to hold solo shows within New Zealand; and by the 1990s was exhibiting internationally. Often drawing inspiration from his immediate environment, Russell has an outstanding ability to capture the same scene from varying viewpoints or in changing light, each time making it appear fresh and truthful.

“As a figurative painter, my method focuses on intense observation and application of the correct tonal values… I work all over the painting, ‘pulling’ the whole composition together to capture a moment in time” – Russell Hollings

Exhibitions with  Remuera Gallery:

Russell Hollings – My World – 50 Years At The Easel (October 2015)

Russell Hollings and Garth Tapper – Open Studio (November 2014)

Russell Hollings – Recent paintings of Auckland (September 2013)