Ruby Huston

Ruby Huston - Irises (1994)Ruby Huston - City Fringe with Amaryllis (2015)Rubuy Huston - Bowl of Oranges (1993)Night Garden, Yellow LilliesRuby Huston, Purple Pears (1998)Ruby Huston, Green Apples (1998)Ruby Huston - Green CauliflowerRuby Huston - Red OnionsRuby Huston, Cabbages (1988)


Ruby Huston has been working as an artist since 1975.

She demonstrates meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship in her works.  Her subject matter ranges from exotic plant forms, flowers and fruits through to surreal landscapes containing strange figures, nudes and floating castles. The growth and sexuality expressed in the plant forms has an all pervasive sense of life, communicated through the rich dense colour and vibrant atmosphere, an assertion that the act of painting connects the artist to a living breathing nature.

She has exhibited extensively and her work is included in many public and private collections both in New Zealand and overseas.