Olivier Duhamel

Olivier Duhamel - RoxieOlivier Duhamel - George (2015)Olivier Duhamel - Smoking (2015)Olivier Duhamel - Four Lungs (2015)Olivier Duhamel - Hannah (2015)Olivier Duhamel  - Myriam (2015)Olivier Duhamel- JoanOlivier Duhamel - LeahOlivier Duhamel, Plate (2013)Olivier Duhamel, Tui K Smith (2013)Olivier Duhamel, Mum and our Three Brothers (2013)Olivier Duhamel, Rosie - the Topology of the Torso (2013)Olivier Duhamel, Arched (2013)Olivier Duhamel, Alice  - can be used as a vase (2013)Olivier Duhamel, BurlesqueOlivier Duhamel, FleurOlivier Duhamel, Found Object (2013)Olivier Duhamel, Celia the MarmosetOlivier Duhamel, Moira (2013)Olivier Duhamel, StealingOlivier Duhamel, Torso Stretched (2013)Olivier Duhamel, Torso Stretched (2013)Olivier Duhamel, Torso Stretched (2013)Olivier Duhamel, Degas (2013)Olivier Duhamel, Laughter (2013)Olivier Duhamel, Sitting (2007)Olivier Duhamel, Sitting (2007)Olivier Duhamel, Didi (2009)Oliver Duhamel, Sealed (2011)Olivier Duhamel, Venus Fessue

Olivier Duhamel is regarded as one of the most talented figurative sculptors in New Zealand. Largely self-taught as an artist, he arrived from France in 1987 and settled on Waiheke Island – where he casts his trademark bronze figurines in his home foundry. He is captivated by the beauty of the female form; and often uses this as a springboard for his drawings and classically elegant figurines.

Breaking away from his usual medium of bronze, Olivier has recently begun to explore the qualities of wood, reconstructing the ‘Topology’ of the human form by reconstructing bodies from sheets of laser cut plywood. “This medium allows me to scale up my work without breaking the bank” says Duhamel. “Although the ‘pancake’ effect resulting from this construction method makes for an irregular surface, the amount of detail that can be suggested is amazing… I want to encourage people to step into Remuera Gallery and be enchanted by the pieces presented”


View exhibitions at the Remuera Gallery:

Olivier Duhamel – Sculpture by Numbers (August 03rd – August 15th, 2015)

Olivier Duhamel & Anne Riethmaier (August 2014)

Olivier Duhamel & Fiona Jelicich – Topology, Reconstructed Bodies and Deconstructed Landscapes (July 2013)