Nick Fedaeff

Nick Fedaeff,  "Drinking lady"Nick Fedaeff, "Narciss"Nick Fedaeff - Nick Fedaeff - Nick Fedaeff - Nick Fedaeff, Girl and Cat on a Roof (2012)Nick Fedaeff, Cow on a Roof (2013)Nick Fedaeff - Nick Fedaeff, Searching for a Hero (2013)Nick Fedaeff - Nick Fedaeff - Nick Fedaeff, Flower Power (2013)Nick Fedaeff, Off the Cage (2013)Nick Fedaeff, In my Garden (2012)
Originally from Russia, Nick now resides in New Zealand with his paintings being exhibited in collections in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Japan. He is an accomplished musician and writer and has been painting from childhood. Whether it be historical figures, a commanding colour, a lucid dream or the look of a complete stranger, Nick, in his own words, mixes these objects, environments and observations into a recipe for his next piece. Often described as a soft-surrealist Nick acknowledges the influence of Da Vinci, Dali, Bosch and Picasso not only for their brilliant work but how they came to create, how they lived and their attitudes to life.

Exhibitions with Remuera Gallery :

Nick Fedaeff: Solo Exhibition November 05 – 20, 2015