Lois McIvor – Artist Biography and Artworks Available for Sale

Born in New Zealand in 1930, Lois McIvor studied at Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland; and later under the tutelage of Colin McCahon. Predominantly a landscape painter, she was a founding member of the Association of Women Artists and has paintings in public and private collections throughout the world.

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Lois McIvor, Hills Rising from the SunLois McIvor, White Mountain (2013)Lois McIvor (2013)Lois McIvor (2013)Lois McIvor (2013)Lois McIvorLois McIvor (2013)Lois McIvor (2013)Lois McIvor, Africa (2013)Lois McIvor (2013)Lois McIvor (2013)Lois McIvor (2013)Lois McIvor (2013)Lois McIvor (2013)Lois McIvor, West Coast (2013)Lois McIvor (2013)Lois McIvor, Australia (2013)Lois McIvor, On Blake- Heaven & Hell Lois McIvorLois McIvorLois McIvorLois McIvor, Marlborough Hills (2000)Lois McIvorLois McIvor, RangitotoLois McIvorLois McIvor, Australian Landscape II (1991)Lois McIvor, Desert LandscapeLois McIvor, Interior I (1991)Lois McIvor, AustraliaLois McIvor, Moonlight Over Blue HillsLois McIvor, Outer Space III (2002)Lois McIvor, Waitemata HarbourLois McIvor. West Coast Hills.jpgLois McIvor. West Coast.jpgLois McIvor, Boats in the EveningLois McIvor (1997)c78-Lois McIvor. Waterfall cropped copy.jpgc47-Lois flower print jpg copy.jpgLois McIvor, Starfish