Joanna Fieldes – Artist Biography and Artworks Available for Sale

Joanna Fieldes, Scent (2010)Joanna Fieldes, If it Fits Wear it too (2011)Joanna Fieldes, Washed Up (2010)Joanna Fieldes, Exotic Dish (2010)


“With my paintings I aim to make people hesitate so my marks have a better chance of being looked at, being seen again, to evoke thought and awaken the mind,” – Joanna Fieldes

Joanna Fieldes is an Auckland-based artist who is carving out a strong reputation for herself with a unique vision of her country and culture. A self-taught artist who has pursued a distinctive style of her own, Fieldes produces paintings that are instantly recognizable for their particular vernacular. European jugs and bowls in anthropomorphic guise totter about in a deftly conjured universalized New Zealand landscape. New Zealand’s colonial past is a central recurrent theme. Her colour palette is familiar and seductive. Joanna’s work points to the challenges and consequences we face today because of decisions made in the past. There is a tension in her work which provokes question. In the painted worlds the artist creates, vessels are a vehicle for ideas – containers of history that link past to present. She offers no firm conclusions, but rather offers up her ideas as food for thought and stimulus for discussion in an on-going cultural debate.

Fieldes has work in public and private collections both here and overseas; and has been invited to participate in successful public gallery exhibitions. In 2004 her painting ‘Gentian Connection’ was presented to the Japanese Royal family (it can be seen at the Ashiro Floricultural Development Centre).