Geoff Williams

Geoff Williams, Train Control Telephone (2013)Geoff Williams, Bite Me (2013)Geoff Williams, Toffee Apples (2013)Geoff Williams, Engine Number 60199 (2013)Geoff Williams, Bycroft Boy (2013)Geoff Williams, Californication  (2013)Geoff Williams, Engine Nunber 5600 (2013)Geoff Williams, Scuffy the Tugboat and the Taxi that Hurried (2013)Geoff Williams, Donald Duck (2013)Geoff Williams, Marlboro Man (2013)Geoff Williams, Heroes (2013)

Dunedin-based artist Geoff Williams is a master realist, creating thoughtful but often playful images of the everyday, always imbued with life and drawn from his immediate world.

Training initially as a photoengraver, Geoff has gained recognition working in a number of medium – including as a signwriter, muralist and oil painter. His most recent works are executed in acrylic, enabling an immense build-up of meticulous brushwork which is then overlaid with translucent colour glazes.   Exhibitions at the Remuera Gallery: Geoff Williams – The Marlboro Man and Bycroft Boy (November 2013) Geoff Williams – New works (December 2012)