Geoff Williams | 8-22 December 2012

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Geoff Williams | Exhibition BrochureGeoff Williams | Exhibition Brochure


Geoff Williams, Return to Barrie's Shed (2012)Geoff Williams, Nude (2012)Geoff Williams, Still Life - Eggs (2012)Geoff Williams, Still Life - Toffee Apple (2012)Geoff Williams, Still Life - Lemon (2012)Geoff Williams, Still Life - Aubergine (2012)Geoff Williams, Apples (2012)Falcon on road to Lake MahinerangiGeoff Williams, Eggs (2012)Geoff Williams, Given to Fly (2012)Geoff Williams, Toy Box (2012)Geoff Williams, Lovers II (2012)Geoff Williams, Male Nude (2012)Geoff Williams, Reclining Nude (2012)Geoff Williams, Smithy II (2012)Geoff Williams, Kura on Lake Alexandrina (2012)