Fiona Garlick

Fiona Garlick, Sycamore (Charmed Invader)Fiona Garlick, UndergrowthFiona Garlick, PodFiona Garlick, Pillow

Fiona Garlick began studying at Falmouth College of Arts where she made her first medal “The Wave” winning First Prize for the British Art Medal Society Student Award in 2005, which became part of the BAMS collection at the British Museum. Fiona completed her degree back in New Zealand at Elam in 2008. Since then she has exhibited work in several outdoor sculptureĀ exhibitions.

Born: 1968 Coventry England, immigrated to New Zealand at the age of 8.
Lives: Auckland, New Zealand
Education: BFA (Hons.) Elam School of Art, University of Auckland, 2008. BA English Literature,
Victoria University of Wellington, 1989