Don Lever

Don Lever : Puawhananga: Clematis (2015)Don Lever : Kowhai (2015)Don Lever : Harakeke - Flax  (2015)Don Lever : Manuka - Tea Tree  (2015)Don Lever : Kowhai-Ngutu-Kaka (2015)Don Leverb : Rewa Rewa (2015)Don Lever, Westhaven Marina (2010)Don Lever (2014)Don Lever, Fish and Chip (2014)Don Lever, Head Waiter - barracuda (2014)Don Lever, Limestone Outcrops Port Waikato (2014)Don Lever, Limestone Outcrops Port Waikato (2014)Don Lever, Limestone outcrops Port Waikato (2014)Don Lever, Ten out of Ten - deer skull (2014)Don Lever, Passing the Waimakariri River (2013)Don Lever, Maniototo (2013)Don Lever, Passing Lake Sarah - Approaching Cass (2013)Don Lever, Wharf Road - Cape Colville (2013)Don Lever, Opening Performance (2013)Don Lever, Coromandel (2013)Don Lever, The Devonport FerryDon Lever, Makora (2012)Don Lever, Western Viaduct Auckland - 1970s (2012)Don Lever, MermaidDon Lever, Landscape (2012)Don Lever, South Island (2012)Don Lever, Figure Study

Born in 1930, Don Lever attended Elam School of Art at the age of fourteen. There he was tutored by John Weeks, Archie Fisher, Lois White and Ida Eise. It was this early influence of John Weeks, along with his association with Ron Stenberg, that gave Lever a special awareness of colour, light and the beautiful complexity of drawing boats. After having enjoyed a 40 year career in advertising and graphic design, Lever now paints from his home in Titirangi – working up landscapes in rich layers of oils using deep red undertones. Lever’s work can be found in both public and private collections here in New Zealand, notably The Auckland Art Gallery’s collection and many private collections overseas.

Exhibitions at the Remuera Gallery:

Ron Stenberg & Don Lever – Ron’s 96th Birthday Exhibition (July 18th – Aug 01 2015)

Ron Stenberg & Don Lever – In Celebration of Ron’s 95th birthday (July 2014)

Ron Stenberg & Don Lever – Celebrate Ron’s 94th birthday with a body of new paintings (July 2013)

Ron Stenberg, Gerard Commisaris & Don Lever – Celebrate Ron’s 93rd birthday (July 2012)