Deborah Alexander

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Deborah Alexander was born in Perth Australia to a Dutch father and English mother. Moving from one side of Australia to the other and then multiple times to New Zealand, she spent some time in Remuera Primary School in the late 1960’s.

Deborah moved from New Zealand to England in 1989 with her late husband and children and has engaged in painting most of her life but it wasn’t until her forties that she completed a Fine Arts Degree with Honours at Suffolk College and  a Masters in Fine Art at Norwich School of Art and Design. She has run art workshops at East Suffolk MIND Artist, held an artist residency at Ipswich Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Department, and was published in Internationale Kunst Heute 2014  (

Her work has been informed by early childhood memories; a quest of discovery, looking into the void and finding fragments of beauty. Inviting the viewer to look inward and outward, to the past and to the present. To find complexity and simplicity. Wanting to make sense of her experience and then find order or patterns which help to logically dissect what knowledge or memories that are available to her.