Craig S. Primrose QSM – Artist Biography and Artworks Available to Buy

Craig S. Primrose QSM, America's Cup IICraig S. Primrose QSM, America's Cup ICraig S. Primrose QSM, Pembroke Mountain - South Island (2013)Craig S. Primrose QSM, The Ridge (2013)Craig S. Primrose QSM, Queenstown Gardens (2013)Craig S. Primrose QSM, Mitre Peak - Milford Sound (2013)Craig S. Primrose QSM, View from St Helier's (2013)Craig S. Primrose QSM, Approaching the Waterfall - Southern Alps (2013)Craig S. Primrose QSM, The Enslaw, Lake Wakitipu (Diptych)Craig S. Primrose QSM, The Enslaw, Lake Wakitipu (Diptych)Craig S. Primrose QSM, Mataka Bay (2005)Craig S. Primrose QSM, Eighteen Pointer (2008)_DSC9103.JPGCraig S. Primrose QSM, Sir Ed Hillary - Aim High! There is little virtue in easy victory (2005)_DSC9096.JPG_DSC9099.JPG_DSC9113.JPG_DSC9110.JPG_DSC9095.JPG_DSC9121.JPG_DSC9125.JPGCSPLS25OIL.jpgCSPPRT01OIL.jpgCSPLS16OIL.jpg Blue Bottle, oil on board, 700n x 500 mm, P.O.AFruit bowl, oil on canvas, 720 x 820 mm , P.O.AStill Life, oil on canvas, 900 x 1240 mm, P.O.A.Lemons.jpgP4.jpg

Born in Auckland New Zealand in 1956, Craig Primrose is one of New Zealand’s leading contemporary artists, known globally for his skillful portraiture, sporting imagery and stunning landscapes. Throughout his artistic career, Craig has enjoyed worldwide critical acclaim – having had sell-out exhibitions throughout Europe and New York, as well as being selected to portray some of the world’s greatest sports teams and superstars.

In 2003 he was commissioned to paint Sir Edmund Hillary in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of his groundbreaking 1953 ascent to Mt Everest; and was subsequently appointed Sir Edmund’s preferred portrait artist. During this period Craig produced only fifteen portraits of Hillary, making them very special and highly collectable pieces.

Portraits of the Land (August 2013, Remuera Gallery) is Craig’s first solo exhibition in over 10 years. Painted within the realms of contemporary realism, the show includes an array of landscapes, selected portrait imagery and nude studies. A testament to Craig’s outstanding ability as an artist, these images capture the magnificence of New Zealand’s natural environment and surrounding atmospheric conditions; as well as the uniqueness and vitality of his subjects.


Exhibitions at the Remuera Gallery:

Craig S. Primrose QSM – Portraits of the Land  (August 2013)

Craig S. Primrose QSM – The Peoples’s Artist (October 2014)