Annette Isbey

Annette Isbey, ConnectionAnnette Isbey, Classical Portrait I (early 1990s)Annette Isbey, Small Waterfall IV'Head of Woman lll', 1990, oil on linen, 155 x 168.5 cm #62.jpgAnnette Isbey, TahekeAnnette Isbey, Islands (1990s)Annette Isbey, Running Man (2000)Annette Isbey, Small Landscape (2010)Annette Isbey, Two Hurdlers (1983)Annette Isbey, Woman of the Pacific (2008)Annette Isbey, Woman RestingAnnette Isbey, Woman Walking (1973)Annette Isbey, Small Figures RunningAnnette Isbey, Head of a Woman I (1999)Annette Isbey, Landscape with Two Figures (2011)Annette Isbey, Small Waterfall IV (2011)Annette Isbey, Small Waterfall (2011)Annette Isbey, Beach - diptych (2010/12)Annette Isbey, Beach - diptych (2010/12)Annette Isbey, Head of a Woman II (1995)Annette Isbey, Six Nikau (2012)Annette Isbey, FeetAnnette Isbey, Figure Holding GlobeAnnette Isbey, FigureAnnette Isbey, Figure holding Olive branch (peace)

Annette Isbey studied at the Elam School of Fine Art; and held her first solo exhibition in 1959 at the Architectural Centre in Wellington. She is best known for her figurative paintings, works that are often stylized and heavily influenced by ancient Egyptian and Grecian imagery. Many of Isbey’s earlier paintings have a monumental presence – occupying a large scale and utilizing a thickly painted surface to emulate earth or weathered stone. She has successfully exhibited consistently over the past fifty years, cementing herself as one of New Zealand’s foremost artists.

Now in her late 80s, Isbey continues to paint from her studio in Westmere.