Anne Riethmaier

Anne Riethmaier - Colour combination (SOLD)Anne Riethmaier - Geometric MuseAnne Riethmaier- Colour Medley (2015)Anne Reithmaier - X factor 2 (2015) (SOLD)Anne Riethmier - Colour Mania 1 (SOLD)Anne Reithmaier - (SOLD)Anne Reithmaier- (SOLD)Anne Riethmaier, More than Colour - Diptych (1) (2014)Anne Riethmaier, More than Colour - Diptych (2) (2014)Anne Riethmaier, Color Rhythm (2014)Anne Riethmaier, Eye Candy (2014)Anne Riethmaier, Game of Chance (2014) (SOLD)Anne Riethmaier, House that Jack Built (2014)Anne Riethmaier, Lemon Fresh (2014)Anne Riethmaier, One Square Meal (2014)Anne Riethmaier, Reveal (or not) (2014)Anne Riethmaier, Significance of the Stripe (2014)Anne RiethmaierAnne RiethmaierAnne Riethmaier


Anne Riethmaier completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Elam, Auckland in 1992 and her Master of Fine Arts in February 2008 from Massey University, Wellington. The idea in Anne’s work is to arouse some sort of intrigue with the combinations of colours in the abstractions. Content is often minimised for the sake of clarity and directness of colour and form.

Riethmaier works professionally, exhibiting regularly. She has won several awards including first prize in the Birkenhead Trust award in both 1993 and 1996. In 2012 she won the Corban Estate award for the best abstract painting. Riethmaier’s latest collection explores colour in the abstract and plays with the geometry of squares and triangles. Her work is held in corporate and private collections in New Zealand, Australia, America, Hong Kong and Spain.

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Olivier Duhamel & Anne Riethmaier (August 2014)