Alison Coulthurst – Artist Biography and Artworks Available to Buy

Alison Coulthurst, Nature's WayAlison Coulthurst, SoulmatesAlison Coulthurst, My Emotional Puppets (2013)Alison Coulthurst, In Joy  (2013)Alison Coulthurst, In Spirit (2013)Alison Coulthurst, Serenity I (2013)Alison Coulthurst, CrossingAlison Coulthurst, CrossingAlison Coulthurst, Crossing



Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Alison Coulthurst studied fine arts and graphic design in South Africa before moving to England in the 1980s where she worked as senior graphic art director for a top-tier advertising agency.

Applying her paintwork with a range of methodologies, Alison’s paintings are multi-faceted, focusing on the interplay between movement and texture. Her paintings are highly sought after by art collectors worldwide; and are also displayed in a number of institutional settings. Alison lives next to her Art studio in the beautiful Byron Bay in Australia.