Agnes Wood – Artist Biography and Artworks Available to Buy

Agnes Wood -  Woman + Peace Bird (1999)Agnes Wood - Thin Man Wearing Hat (2005)Agnes Wood, Portrait of a Man Wearing a Hat IIAgnes Wood, Portrait of a Man Wearing a Hat VAgnes Wood, Portrait of a Man Wearing a Hat VIAgnes Wood, Communication (1991)Agnes Wood, LilliesAgnes Wood, Early work

Born in 1921, Agnes Wood graduated with a masters from Elam School of Fine Art in 1973. Her early work explored the structures and patterns of cityscapes – influenced in part by Elena Maria Vieira da Silva, as well as her Elam tutor Robert Ellis.

Wood is best known for her figurative paintings, which often depict geometrically structured portraits  set against abstract backgrounds, painted in rich monochromatic colour palettes. Her training as a milliner seems to serve as an undercurrent throughout many of these images Рwith an abundance of figures being adorned by hats, headpieces or simplified floral headbands.